We’ve installed playgrounds on every continent except Antarctica!  You never need to worry about your play structure meeting local safety or building code standards because our expert manufacturers and installers comply with all international standards.

Family Entertainment Centres

Families will always need entertainment options, and with an IREC playground, your business can be the talk of the town.

Family entertainment is big business these days. Our playgrounds appeal to children of all ages, making them destination locations and the perfect draw for almost any family. Make an IREC playground the centerpiece of your business then just watch the customers roll in.

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Churches, Ministries, and Community Centres

Nothing draws families in like a bit of fun for the kids, and nothing makes parents happier than seeing their kids having fun being active. Whatever binds your community together, an IREC playground will provide a centerpiece that makes everyone happy.

At IREC we believe that fit and happy kids make for a fit and happy family and community. We can help you build and strengthen those family and community bonds through active play. Whatever your mission, we’re here to help you achieve it: just ask and we’ll build whatever you and yours need.

Resorts, Hotels, and Theme Parks

Every family destination needs a way to tire out excited children: IREC can help make sure everyone gets a good night sleep by giving the kids a place to play and expend their energy!

No matter what you’re doing, if you’re looking to attract families, an IREC built playground will do it! Whether you’re looking for a centerpiece or an add-on, your customers will be delighted to see one of our safe and vibrant play structures in your facility. If you’re planning a new venue we can work directly with your designers; if you have a facility with empty space, we can design the perfect playground to fill it.

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Malls, Airports, Restaurants, and Commercial

Let’s face it: when children want to go somewhere, they’ll find a way to convince their parents, and nothing appeals to kids like an IREC playground!

Commercial ventures often benefit from a little something extra to entertain children, and IREC built playgrounds can draw in new customers by attracting their kids. Playgrounds can also help existing customers relax and stay longer while their children are happily entertained. Talk to us about all the ways our products can increase your revenues and customer satisfaction.

Museums, Science Centres, Aquariums, and Zoos

If you’re looking to create a fun and interactive learning environment, we have everything you need and more!

IREC is dedicated to making learning fun while helping kids stay fit. We believe that fitness and education are the bedrock of a good, healthy life, and we look forward to working with you to give kids what they need to succeed, both mentally and physically. Whatever your vision of 21st century learning might be, our theming, manufacturing, and electronics departments can bring your vision to life.

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